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As a Fang Technologies we are Developing products and providing innovative features to our end users. We are providing software services to our clients, B2B and individuals.

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Our Services

Mobile Applications

We have immence experience in building complete mobile development on multiple operating systems.

Application Services

Application services including application development, legacy application maintenance, and management of packaged applications that help lower your application costs and better focus on innovation.

Web Development

We have immence experience in building complete web development on multiple operating systems.


We build e-commerce platform where both parties, the seller and the consumer, come and play their role. a consumer should be able to use an e-commerce platform to discover products, shop around using a basket and then check out.

Our Products

Attendance app

Monitor ur user flow in corporate, residential, shopping complex and why not everywhere when someone exits there.And track the presence time and absence time and also monitor unknown user flow.

Celebrity app

Connect with celebrity legends with whom ever you want such as producers , directors , hero’s , heroines, comedians etc.